Helping to get and stay in control of alcohol

Be back in control of your alcohol intake.

You may want to drink now and again in certain social situations... or not at all. Using modern hypnosis combined with NLP, we can assist you in thinking differently and changing your relationship with drinking.

How are we going to help you stop binge drinking?

We will assist you using hypnosis in combination with N.L.P to retrain the brain to move from habitual thoughts of “drinking to excess” to the thoughts of having a moderate amount of drinks or none at all.

We will not need to go looking for causes of your drinking. Instead, we can train your mind to go in a more useful way just by you being clear as to what you want for yourself now.

The experience of learning to control consumption of alcohol through hypnotherapy can be relaxing and truly liberating.

For more information, please see this article.


Binge Drinking and Alcohol Abuse Hypnotherapy Program

3 x 60-minute sessions: a total of $350 for the full 


Included is a custom hypnosis control drinking recording to reinforce the positive changes in between sessions.


After my first session with Skye, I felt like a better person both physically and mentally. His ability to connect with people on so many levels is amazing and I felt very comfortable with him.
Jo, Manly, Sydney

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