Helping you to control gambling issues with hypnosis

Relieve gambling addiction issues with hypnotherapy

Many gamblers, despite the destructive and negative consequences of their behaviour and sincere desire to stop gambling, still find it difficult to do so. The Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic Stop Gambling programme helps by fundamentally changing the way the person thinks and feels about gambling at the conscious and subconscious level of the mind through hypnosis.

We use the relaxing, potent, natural tools of hypnosis to help retrain & change the way a person thinks about gambling and redirect or remove the compulsion and impulse to want to feel the ‘rush’ of gambling.

The thought process that I can win the money back also needs to change as many gamblers track record is that of losing more than they win.

Gambling environments can have a subconscious hypnotic effect on people as there is a sense of opportunity of winning big in the air, especially with certain sounds like the poker machine sounds of winning. These environmental triggers can be changed in hypnosis into a more grounded, realist association. The high and low cycle associated with gambling is interrupted and changed. Part of the gambling cycle can include the habit of lying and being deceitful in an attempt to cover one's tracks. A sense of shame can be the driving force behind such defensive, misguided behaviour. Self-trust and self-esteem can be reestablished as the cycle of gambling changes.

A special note: Joining a Gamblers Anonymous Group can be very effective and supportive while doing the Stop Gambling Hypnotherapy Program.

Programme Benefits can include:

  • Benefit from a high success rate programme
  • Feel no desire or urge to gamble
  • Enjoy a new healthy and prosperous attitude to money
  • No longer need to lie or be deceitful.

Gambling Program

3x 60min sessions set a week or two apart. 

Total cost $350

Included in the program is a custom reinforcement hypnosis recording.

After my first session with Skye, I felt like a better person both physically and mentally. His ability to connect with people on so many levels is amazing and I felt very comfortable with him.
Jo, Manly, Sydney

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