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Can I be Hypnotised?

Many people wonder can I be hypnotised?

The experience of Hypnosis is an ordinary everyday human experience.
Whenever we daydream, and our conscious mind drifts off or is distracted, that is hypnosis.

In classrooms, teachers would be continuously redirecting students attention to the board, so the lesson would hopefully sink into their subconscious mind.
Whenever a student is caught gazing out the window daydreaming, that is hypnosis.

When we are absorbed in a movie or our favourite tv show, and someone asks us a question, at first, we don’t hear them or notice them, that is hypnosis.

Being on a bus reading a book and we nearly miss our stop, that is hypnosis.

The relaxed state of hypnosis is a heightened state of suggestibility that is utilised to plant positive seeds and suggestions in the fertile soil of the subconscious. These seeds blossom into new beliefs, habits and behaviours. Another way of saying it is it is a retraining of the mind.