When people feel resistance to change they are experiencing the conditioned limitations of their subconscious mind and the familiar well-trodden path that has become a wired neuropathway in the brain.
A comfort zone can become a prison. Like water that needs to keep flowing and not become a pool for too long, if a person resists making necessary changes they can stagnate. Drinking flowing clear water is healthy as where stagnant water if drunk can cause sickness, equally if a person remains stuck in a rut for too long it can manifest into illness first mental and possibly physical.
It is surprising what people will settle for to avoid the initial growing pains of transitioning into a change for the better. Changing for the better need not be painful and just like a bird taking off to fly the first few flaps of the wings need to be firm but then it becomes easier until the bird is gliding effortlessly through the air.
To not make the necessary positive life changes can cause a person to gravitate towards unhealthy habits to distract and numb themselves from the reality of their life situation. Over time these unhealthy habits can propagate a vicious cycle that goes on to erode relationships, health, clarity of mind, judgment and self-esteem.
Taking baby steps or massive action and getting the ball rolling, so to speak is essential, thinking about it will never do. People, unfortunately, wait until their situation becomes messy & dire before making the necessary changes. Not addressed early the unhealthy habit and behaviour can become well entrenched and be very challenging for the person to change without professional help.
Stagnation can occur through limiting beliefs, habits, behaviours & self-image, all stored at the subconscious level. To upgrade that restricting programming without immense struggle requires rapport with the unconscious mind through hypnosis (a trance state that can be compared to daydreaming and being absorbed in a good book or movie.)
Even though the person may have been in a rut for a long time, it can take next to no time for the subconscious mind to take up new suggestions and for the brain to reset. In hypnosis, the perceived limitations of the conscious mind are bypassed giving direct access to the fertile soil that is the subconscious mind allowing for positive suggestions to be planted & the desired changes to be absorbed which in turn becomes automatic resources in the brain, in other words, subconsciously competent.