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How Hypnosis Changes Eating Habits

Unlike diets which reduce calories that are likely to be put back on again, weight loss hypnotherapy brings awareness to the triggers and what drives the person to eat unconsciously.
Hypnotherapy can help the type of person that struggles to stop after a small piece of chocolate and feels compelled to finish the whole packet.
“Hypnotherapy can also help people to not continually snack, over eat and to reduce their portion sizes, so losing weight is a healthy, steady and long-term change.
Losing weight with hypnosis is essentially about retraining the mind to have the person be in balanced, healthy, maintainable habits for the rest of their life.
It is all about being back in control after being lost in a labyrinth of diets and excuses. When a person is overweight and unhealthy the motivation to prepare good food and exercise seems out of reach as where grabbing an unhealthy snack seems conveniently in reach.
Regret and self-loathing soon follow the vicious cycle of a short-lived high from the sugar hit or food comfort.
A healthier cycle is reintroduced through the subconscious mind so that the person no longer needs to think about food incessantly. Food becomes a regular part of life that is enjoyable and is used to nourish and recharge the body.
The reprogramming at the subconscious level is similar to how our bodies were trained to feel hungry at school at lunchtime.
The bell acted as a trigger and the repetition each day at that particular time embedded the hunger response.
The changes at the subconscious level become automatic, in other words, the person becomes subconsciously competent at stopping eating when the body has received what it genuinely needs, and the person only really thinks about food when the body is hungry. Once the drive and triggers to the old habits are addressed, the new habit’s come easier. It does not matter to the subconscious mind how long the old habits and behaviors have been repeated; change can happen in an instant and repeating the new change embeds it and makes it long term.

It is usually the overemphasis on losing weight that creates a stress around eating food that is not helpful to the mind or body especially the emotional body. As well as changing the mind set of the person hypnosis is very relaxing which is a healthy bonus which in turn can take away the stress around eating.