Do you have emotional after-effects from the birth of your child? Even though your baby is in perfect health?

Do you feel unsettled? Are you disappointed at your body? Are you secretly displeased in your caregiver? Do you sometimes replay the memory of the birth, wondering how it could have gone differently?

I can help.

There is a genuine need in some women to release the emotional baggage accumulated from their previous birthing experiences.

I can help using the deeply relaxed process of hypnotherapy combined with timeline therapy — the subconscious mind can be guided to return safely to memories with the opportunity to reframe the experience, heal, release and re-imprint, given the proper circumstances. HHCT technique creates those circumstances. And because the process happens on a subconscious level, you are aware during the session as hypnosis is NOT a passive, unconscious state. The results can be profound, positive and permanent.

The procedure:

1. We have a 15min obligation free session in person, over the phone, Skype or Facetime. This allows us to “meet”, gives you time to ask me questions, and lets me get a better understanding of your giving birth experience. If you’ve never experienced hypnosis before, I spend a little time explaining it to you. If you are happy to go ahead with the Healing Child Birth Trauma program, we confirm a time and date for the first of three sessions. The sessions can be in person, phone or over skype, facetime or something similar.

2. In the 1st session, I will listen to your birthing experience and ask a few questions along the way. Then I will guide you into a profound state of relaxation. When you are deeply relaxed, we move through your birthing experience, but you will be experiencing it as a calmly relaxed spectator-as we talk back and forth to one another.

As you are guided through this process, you have the opportunity to-

– Have the time and space to release stuck emotions to flow and release
– Be able to express anything you may have repressed
– Forgive yourself and others, if necessary
– Relieve yourself of the tension in your body that you may have been carrying around since the birth.
– When all the stress and tension falls away, you can even “re-birth” your baby, in your heart and mind through a guided visualisation.
-You can come out of the deep relaxation, feeling calm and peaceful about your child’s birth. Gaining fresh perspectives and insights about the experience