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Hypnotherapy Can Help With Fear of Flying

Hypnotherapy For Fear of flying
A fear of flying (aka aerophobia, aviophobia) can cause anxiety in prospective air travellers, sometimes to the extent that they will avoid this means of travel wherever possible or, if it is inevitable, resort to tranquillizers or worse still, alcohol, in an attempt to calm themselves down.
The fear itself can result from the anxiety of not being in control, being in confined or restricted spaces, or it can be learned from influential others or even triggered by seeing, reading or hearing news in the media or from people around them relating to flying.
It could also be caused by an unpleasant personal flying experience in the past. However, the act of avoidance reinforces the fear which is why it is best to do something about as soon as possible.
Most phobics are excellent hypnotic subjects as they have already been negatively hypnotised to fear flying; the good news is that if they can be negatively hypnotised, they also can be positively hypnotised to help them to be in a more relaxed frame of mind when flying.
Why is it that humans fly all the time, and some get overly nervous, the answer is there state of mind and the way they perceive flying. Hypnosis assists an anxious person to have the same state of mind of that of a relaxed person, by retraining the subconscious mind.