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Hypnotherapy For Binge Drinking

Drinking To Relax Or To Escape?

Drinking to relax and drinking to escape are two different intentions that bring with them different outcomes and consequences. To relax usually takes 2 to 3 glasses of alcohol as to escape from one’s thoughts and emotions can take a lot more.
Binge drinkers drink to get into a state where they are numb and distant to their everyday troubles and concerns.
Once the state has been reached they attempt to keep and maintain the state by drinking more and by this time the alcohol has impaired their judgement making it difficult for them to, control when to stop drinking.
The choice of wine or spirits can be based on the fact that it will get them into that state quicker. This unhealthy strategy that compounds the problems of everyday life even more due to the alcohol affecting their health and mental, emotional state.

How To Break The Vicious Cycle Of Exessive Drinking

If the person wanting to kerb or stop drinking altogether has friends, who drink heavily these relationships may need to be re-established based on other things other then drinking. The environment also plays a big part and so meeting in pubs and clubs initially may not be the best meeting places until the new habit and behaviour have become familiar and has been ingrained.
It is also important that the person identifies themselves and has the self-image of a person who is in control of drinking. As an example, some people had a past image and identified with being a party animal, and back then they may have even been proud of that. So it is important that they redefine their self-image to support their new behaviour.

How Hypnotherapy Can Make The Difference

Hypnotherapy can be helpful in assisting the person in sticking to a healthier limit or abstain from drinking altogether. If a person is an alcoholic other supports must be in place alongside the hypnotherapy.
A good balance is where the person achieves relaxation but also remains in control of their drinking.
Once a person has decided upon their drinking limit hypnotherapy using the state of hypnosis can recondition the mind and body to be in the habit of the individual stopping at that limit. A person who stays within their limit is anticipating the feeling of waking up the next morning feeling clear-headed and rested. This state of waking up the next morning feeling good and clear-headed is prioritised and as relevant to the individual as the relaxed feelings experienced while drinking.
Once the new habit has been impressed on the subconscious mind, the new behaviour brings many benefits, including greater health, self-pride, better judgement, decision making, more energy and clarity.

The control alcohol hypnotherapy program is a hypnosis session program which taps into the subconscious mind to put you back in control of your relationship with alcohol.

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