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Secondary Gain

Our responsibility in changing is to be genuine with ourselves about why we do the things that don’t serve us anymore. There can be a part of us that knows the habit and behaviour is not healthy but at the same time, the habit can be meeting a need like relaxation or numbing out emotions.
These unhealthy addictions and habits are usually a short term fix with long term negative impact. When we are aware of the motivation and need to do the unhealthy habit, we make available to us healthier ways to meet the same needs. As an example a person that has relied on alcohol to relax can choose to do yoga a few times a week to take care of stress and the need to drink is replaced in a healthier way.
There is a thing called secondary gain where by doing the habit there is a secondary gain. For example, a person may have eating issues and be overweight because they try and comfort or distract themselves from feelings that arise from being sexually harassed. The secondary gain can be that if they put on the weight, they become less attractive and lessen there chance of being sexually harrassed. Secondary gain can manifest unconsciously and so the assistance of a skilful hypnotherapist is suggested.