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Self Sabotage V’s Will Power

I don’t have the willpower, the devil voice makes me eat that second piece of cake.
The client usually can’t stop themselves from laughing, exclaiming how ridiculous it sounds, on hearing themselves say it out loud.

The willpower is at their disposal and the devil’s voice may we’ll be a reaction to unrealistic goals or a scape goat for not taking responsibility for one’s choices.

It can be helpful to know the mechanics behind how the mind can work in maintaining habits and being free of self sabotage.

I often use the analogy of the captain of a ship to represent the conscious mind and the crew that follow orders the subconscious.

When the captain steers the the ship in a new direction, the crew are well trained and can still be setting the sails in the old habit way causing resistance and struggle to occur, having us in two minds.

We need to have the Captains new decision passed on or relayed to the crew.

The state of hypnosis is the most effective way to let the crew know about the new habit so that it is easier to make the transition. When the captains new decision is taken on board by the crew they will automatically take over. A good example of this is driving a car, the captain steers the car and the crew have us do the break, blinkers etc without needing to think about it-we just do it. When the captain and crew are aligned it becomes smooth sailing in the direction and doing of the new habit.

Running a successful Hypnosis clinic here on the Northern Beaches for seven years, I have assisted literally thousands of clients to make the transition easier, into healthier more satisfying habits. Because I know that you now know, that ships come in over a calm sea.