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Co-Founded by Skye Angelicstar & Sarah Jane Potts in 2006, Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic offers a broad range of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P)-based services to help people lead a balanced and fulfilling life.

Working with hypnotherapy and N.L.P at the subconscious level of the mind is the most relaxing, natural and powerful way to create a lasting, positive lifestyle and health changes.

If you’re trying to lose weight, quit smoking, control your drinking habits, or looking for an effective life coaching program, you’ve come to the right place!

The Northern Beaches Hypnosis clinic serves the Northen Beaches and Sydney Metro area with two locations in Manly and Narrabeen which are easily accessible from the North Shore, Manly, Mosman, Neutral Bay, Cremorne, Seaforth, Balgowlah, Freshwater, Curl Curl, Collaroy, Newport, Avalon and Palm Beach.

About The Founder,
Skye Angelicstar

Skye Angelicstar is a clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association, the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia and holds a Government-accredited Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a Master Certificate in N.L.P. He also has a Diploma of Modern Wellness Psychology, and is a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

Skye successfully ran the Stop Smoking program for Sydney Water assisting groups of 30 people. He is confident in his trained and natural ability to utilise modern hypnosis and N.L.P to help others make the changes they want.

Why Choose Us?


11+ Years of Experience helping the local community. We’ve received fantastic reviews from the locals here in the Northern Beaches!

Government-Accredited Diploma in Hypnotherapy

And Skye is a certified N.L.P practitioner too! Skye’s done extensive research on how to help those who truly want to improve their lifestyle and move forward in life.

Member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association

The organisation holds ongoing high standards that all members must continue to adhere to, requiring us to constantly develop and improve our practices.

Cutting-edge Modern Hypnotherapy and N.L.P

Our solutions have proved to bring deep relaxation, minimal transition time, lasting positive changes and valuable insights about self-awareness.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

During hypnosis, your body relaxes and your thoughts become more focused. Like other relaxation techniques, hypnosis lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and changes certain types of brain wave activity. In this relaxed state, you will feel at ease physically yet fully awake mentally, and you may be highly responsive to suggestion. Your conscious mind becomes less alert and your subconscious mind becomes more focused.

There are several stages of hypnosis:

  • Reframing the problem
  • Becoming relaxed, then absorbed (deeply engaged in the words or images presented by a hypnotherapist)
  • Dissociating (letting go of critical thoughts)
  • Responding (complying with a hypnotherapist’s suggestions)
  • Returning to usual awareness

Thank you, Skye, for your professional help! The Hypnotherapy worked very well for me. I walked in as a smoker and walked out – one hour later – without the urge to smoke ever again. It’s been half a year now without the habit, and it feels great!

Georg P