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Our Hypnosis Services

The Northern Beaches Hypnosis clinic has been providing hypnotherapy services to the local community since 2006. We offer a full range of hypnosis services to help you overcome life’s challenges. Select a service below or view all Northern Beaches hypnotherapy services.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss

Our three session hypnosis Weight Loss Program gives you clarity and focus on the outcome you want, motivated in control of your eating habits.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Northern Beaches Manly

Quit Smoking

Our successful Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Program is two 1 hour sessions with a free one hour follow up session if required.

Stress management Hypnotherapy

Stress Management

Stress not managed in a healthy way will build up over time. Hypnotherapy is a natural way to relax and unwind in these troubling times.

Binge Drinking Alcohol Hypnotherapy

Alcohol / Binge Drinking

We will assist you using hypnosis in combination with N.L.P to retrain the brain to move from habitual thoughts of “drinking to excess”.

Hello, I'm Skye

My aim as a hypnotherapist is to help people make lasting, positive changes in their lives.

Turn your life in the right direction with Northern Beaches Hypnotherapy Clinic

Most of us have habits we’d be better off without — and personal issues we need to resolve. They appear subtly and progressively, intruding into your life until they become a problem. Such behaviours are largely programmed and reinforced by your subconscious mind, becoming firmly rooted over time. The good news is that what your subconscious can do can also be undone utilising hypnosis applied as hypnotherapy.

How Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic can help you

Your qualified and Government accredited Northern Beaches Hypnotherapy Clinic hypnotherapists begins by putting you into a relaxed state of mind by guiding you into a state of hypnosis. This is completely safe and you can come out of it any time you choose. The trance state is a bit like a daydream, where your mind becomes free and relaxed. It’s a bit like zoning out while staring at the ocean and time has passed without your being aware of it.

While you are in this relaxed, receptive state your hypnotherapist will make positive suggestions that will be absorbed and acted upon by your subconscious mind. Hypnosis is an entirely natural state of mind that, when used and understood skillfully, actually becomes one of the most effective tools for positive lasting change available in the world today. You will be pleasantly surprised by how relaxing and enjoyable your visit to the Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic will be. And you’ll be amazed at how easily hypnotherapy can help you create real and lasting positive change.

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Skye has helped me permanently change some unhealthy habits that will most likely add years on to my life! He is amazing and has allowed me to make changes that I was unable to do by myself. I think he can help with any sort of problem you may be facing. So, so worth it – give him a call you won’t regret it!

Emma L – Manly

I would recommend Skye. His gentle and soothing manner made me feel instantly comfortable, and I was able to relax completely. The hypnotherapy process was easy and the results immediate. The extra, supporting relaxation CD is also fantastic. I was surprised by how simple and effective the hypnotherapy was. Skye is a highly experienced hypnotherapy practitioner, and I am extremely grateful to have met him

Bron P

By asking all the right questions Skye guided me towards some pretty profound realisations around my relationship with my body and it’s optimum health. With humour and honesty over three sessions he helped me navigate through some tricky admissions. We then finished with a recorded hypnosis which I replay often. Skye is a great guy with great insight.

Miranda B – Northern Beaches

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