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Relationship & Intimacy Issues Hypnosis

Helping to build strong, lasting relationships

Relieve relationship issues with hypnotherapy

Helping to build long, lasting relationships

From family and friends to romantic partners and colleagues, life is full of many types of relationships. As humans, we crave connection and have strong emotions attached to the different people and bonds we’ve formed, which is why when things aren’t going so well we’re deeply affected which can also negatively impact other areas of our life. 

Relationships are complicated, and issues are unfortunately inevitable, however, despite many people feeling out of control and void of options, we do have a choice in how painful and how long our problems last. This is where hypnosis can help. Through our gentle hypnotherapy relationship program, we get you in touch with resourceful and effective options for dealing with relationship conflict, techniques that will then become natural and automatic when relating to that person.

Hypnotherapy can also help with clearing any unhelpful patterns, thoughts, habits or behaviours that get in the way of having a good, lasting relationship. For example, our childhood experiences and relationships are what shape our future connections, and often we have been subconsciously affected by past events which need to be acknowledged to stop the cycle in the present and beyond. 

Healing with hypnotherapy

What at first, may seem like a relationship breakdown, can ultimately turn out to be a breakthrough to new levels of connection, freedom, and joy! Here are some of the areas where hypnotherapy can help:

Arguments and conflict

It’s common for various relationships to have conflict, and unfortunately, this friction can then become a regular occurrence with no resolution in sight. In cases like this, often the best thing to do is take a step back and have an open conversation with the person. You might discover there are underlying issues that you weren’t aware of which are fuelling the conflict. Hypnotherapy is a great support system for this approach, or in situations where it is too difficult to confront the person directly. Hypnosis can help you identify emotions around the conflict in a relaxed and calm state, help you learn ways to cope with the tension and arguments, and even give you the confidence to speak up for what you what out of the relationship or walk away if that is the best option.

Confidence with dating

Speaking of confidence, hypnotherapy can assist with this in other ways that don’t necessarily involve conflict, such as when dating. For many of us meeting, new people can be stressful – especially when you’re looking for a potential partner and may be feeling nervous or shy, which can lead to people becoming closed or putting invisible walls up to protect themselves emotionally. Hypnosis, however, is great at helping you open up and claim your self-worth, including identifying your positive attributes which in turn gives you confidence and belief that you deserve love, with the right person.  

Abusive relationship recovery

It takes a lot of strength to leave a toxic relationship, whether it’s physically or emotionally abusive. While this is a necessary and positive step, it can leave you emotionally (and often financially) drained with low self-worth and confidence. Hypnosis can help you heal from the trauma of the relationship and the damaging effect it had on you by helping you to regain strength, manage anxiety and reconnect with yourself. Counselling is also great support.  

If you are currently in an abusive relationship or experiencing domestic violence and feel your life is in danger, please phone the police or reach out to an organisation such as White Ribbon.

Losing a loved one

Death is a part of life, and the grief process is natural and should be undertaken. However, for some people, the loss of a loved one leaves them in a constant state of grieving with no end in sight, which can impact their other relationships and ability to lead a full life. Hypnotherapy sessions can gently help you process your feelings around your loss and help you move forward to a place where you still celebrate your loved one but are open to other new and positive things that life has to offer.

Moving past heartbreak

When a romantic relationship breaks down, it can be excruciating and upsetting – regardless of whether it was a mutual decision or not. Not dissimilar to grieving someone who has passed, for some people they are incapable of moving on past a break-up and therefore meeting someone new. Hypnotherapy can give you the insight you need to understand that the relationship wasn’t working and that despite feeling rejected or that it was a failure, it was a learning experience that can help you move forward positively to gain happiness in life elsewhere.

No matter what your relationship issue is, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Enquire today for a free 15min consultation to see how Skye can help your relationship with a hypnotherapy session in-person at his Northern Beaches Hypnosis clinics in Sydney.

Relationship Hypnotherapy Program

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Skye has helped me permanently change some unhealthy habits that will most likely add years on to my life! He is amazing and has allowed me to make changes that I was unable to do by myself. I think he can help with any sort of problem you may be facing. So, so worth it – give him a call you won’t regret it!

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