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Weight Loss Hypnosis

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Weight loss through hypnotherapy

Now you can finally lose the weight you’ve been trying to lose with weight loss hypnosis. Forget the yo-yo diets (where you often put back more weight while destroying muscles). And ignore the gimmicky shakes, supplements and weight control pills.

Research shows that the biggest obstacle to successfully losing excess weight and maintaining your ideal level is in the way unhelpful habits, beliefs, thoughts, and cravings work against your good intentions to become slimmer and healthier.

With so much of the problem being in the over thinking about food, negative self-talk that comes after binge eating, negative thoughts that stem from self-comparison with others, it becomes clear it is all in the mind. Hypnotherapy resets everything, so you are in a balanced positive mindset. Food is no longer the enemy it becomes a normal part of everyday life that is simply nourishing, healthy and enjoyable.

Why Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Really Works

You will find that the Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic’s three-session weight loss hypnosis program will help you:

  • Not only lose the weight you want but maintain it in a healthy balanced way over the long-term
  • Become free to experience a healthy, relaxed, enjoyable relationship with food, your body and physical activity

You will be surprised at how easy it will be — and delighted by the changes as our hypnotherapy sets you free from the old habit-ridden you, helping you gain the long-term weight loss that once seemed like an impossible dream.

Hypnotherapy has given me a new joy of eating healthy foods and freed me from being worried about weight gain and the guilt attached to eating the wrong foods.

Jo, Sydney

Happy couple giving up smoking

The powerful Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic program will help you overcome such key issues as:

Sweet cravings

Snacking in general

Snacking when not really hungry

Binge eating

Emotional eating

Comfort eating

Relaxation eating (eg, while watching TV or DVDs)

Eliminating low motivation

Maintaining motivation

Overcoming exercise reluctance

Unbalanced eating habits

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Program

3 x 60 min sessions: the total cost of the program is $390

A free custom weight loss MP3 included.