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Alcohol Addiction & Binge Drinking Hypnotherapy

Helping you to get and stay back in control of your drinking

Get back in control of your alcohol intake with hypnotherapy

Do you think you have a problem with drinking too much alcohol? Don’t worry; you are not alone. One in six Australians drink at risky levels, meaning they either drink too much or too often, putting their personal well-being and sometimes the health and safety of others at risk.

The pitfalls of drinking

Drinking is a large part of Australian culture, which is perhaps why too many of us drink to excess. While it may seem enjoyable at the time, and a lot of people may not even realise they have a problem until they try to stop, binge drinking or drinking too much alcohol can have a serious impact on our lives and result in:

  • Health complications such as liver disease, weight gain and poor sleep quality.
  • Accelerated aging with dehydrated skin, breakouts, broken veins and unclear eyes.
  • Relationship issues, depression, anger outbursts and other mood swings.
  • Financial problems, neglectful parenting and more.

Hypnosis for alcohol addiction

The good news is you can do something about your drinking habits. Hypnotherapy for binge drinking or alcohol addiction is a simple and effective way of stopping or reducing the amount of alcohol you drink, which in turn will free you from the burden of the reliance you have on alcohol and help you positively move forward in life.
Whether you want to stop entirely or only enjoy alcoholic drinks now and again in certain social situations, modern hypnosis combined with NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) can assist you in thinking differently and change your relationship with drinking.

Binge Drinking and Alcohol Abuse Hypnotherapy Program

1 x 90min & 2 x 60min sessions: a total cost of $395 for the full program.

Included is a custom hypnosis control drinking mp3 to reinforce the positive changes in between sessions.

How can hypnotherapy help with drinking?

Hypnosis is not about mind control or making you do things against your will. Think of it as simply retraining the brain. For those with binge drinking problems or alcohol addiction, we can assist you by using hypnosis in combination with NLP to help move your habitual thoughts of “drinking to excess” or “drinking too frequently” to the thoughts of having a moderate amount of drinks, or none at all – depending on what your ideal outcome is.

We will explore what drives the drinking habit and then retrain your mind to go in a more useful direction simply by you being clear as to what you want for yourself now.
The experience of learning to control the consumption of alcohol through hypnotherapy can be relaxing and truly liberating, so find out for yourself how hypnosis can solve your alcohol problem.

Our binge drinking and alcohol abuse hypnotherapy program is 3 x 60-minute sessions, which includes a custom hypnosis control drinking mp3 recording to reinforce the positive changes between sessions.

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Skye has helped me permanently change some unhealthy habits that will most likely add years on to my life! He is amazing and has allowed me to make changes that I was unable to do by myself. I think he can help with any sort of problem you may be facing. So, so worth it – give him a call you won’t regret it!

Emma L – Manly