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Unblock Creativity Hypnotherapy

The Northern Beaches Hypnosis Centre can help unblock your creativity!

Hypnotherapy can be used to remove creative blocks

If you are normally an imaginative, artistic or inventive person, whether that’s in your work or personal life, creative blocks can have a huge impact on your psyche. We sometimes call this loss in creativity ‘writer’s block’ or ‘artist’s block’, but these are misnomers because it’s not just artists, actors, musicians and writers who suffer from a loss in creativity.

Anyone can experience a loss in their creativity and it can have a profound effect on your life. This is where hypnotherapy can be extremely useful because it operates on the subconscious level where your creativity normally bubbles away. For people who can no longer access this well of creativity (for reasons we will go into soon), hypnosis can be the solution that helps you clear the blockages and reconnect with your creativity.

Everyone is born with an enormous amount of creative potential

At birth, all of us have access to our creative potential, it’s just that we don’t all make the same use of this ability. Many people actually repress their creativity with what might be considered in-built creative blocks, thereby ignoring their potential from a very early age. They might not even be aware of these blocks, simply thinking that they are not very naturally creative. Then there are others who might have always embraced their creativity, but for some reason find that it suddenly flutters away. In the first instance the individual has no awareness of their inability to access their creativity, in the second case, however, they feel its loss acutely.

You might not consider yourself to be very creative, but it can be expressed in many different ways, from the clothes you wear, recipes you create, ideas you express, photos you take and experiences you seek. You don’t have to be an actor, writer or artist to experience a creative block, because there’s no single way to be creative. When you lose this ability, however, even temporarily, it’s as if you have lost part of yourself.

Then there’s people who have never felt creative and may not miss this ability or feeling in their lives. That’s because they never knew that they were repressing their creativity, not until their blocks are removed and they begin to access their potential for the first time.

What causes people to ignore or repress their creativity?

Many creative people suffer from self-doubt or stress throughout their lives, clouding their creative processes. There are actually many different causes of creative blocks, including fear of rejection, imperfection or failure. Fear of the unknown, self-doubt, anxiety, stress, criticism or a loss of meaning can all lead to blockages in your creativity. A feeling of being overwhelmed in your life can also cause a loss in creativity, as can grief, addiction or incompatible work environments.

Many creative blocks stem for your childhood or teenage years and the more you think about these blocks, the more you reinforce them. Even if you try and forget about these blocks and battle on regardless, the blockages still exist and your stress level increase. Increased stress makes it even less likely that you can remove these blockages yourself and your creativity seems to move further and further away. It’s a feedback loop that never ends.

How can hypnotherapy help unblock your creativity?

Put simply, creativity is a subconscious process and hypnotherapy operates at this subconscious level. The relaxed state produced by hypnosis is very similar to the state you enter when your creativity is greatest. In other words, this relaxed theta state occurs when you meditate, daydream, sleep lightly or undergo hypnosis. It’s a natural state of relaxation that facilitates a connection with your subconscious.

This connection can unblock creativity by identifying the problems that have caused the repression of your creativity and once removed, facilitates the return of clarity and inspiration. You could say that hypnosis offers your subconscious a different path, interpretation or understanding of these blockages, removing and eliminating the obstacles to your creativity. It’s more like pressing the reset button on a computer, but instead you unblock your creativity!

So if you have lost or repressed your creativity, it hasn’t actually disappeared, never to be seen again. You just need to find the right way to reconnect with it. In fact, your creativity is still bubbling away in your subconscious but you need to re-establish the right environment for this reconnection to take place. Hypnosis helps to create this environment and the result is that your creativity is no longer repressed or inaccessible but is allowed to run free!

Hypnotherapy is a safe way to help free your creativity – Call Skye now on 0402 006 985 to make an appointment.

Unblock Creativity Hypnotherapy Program

1 x 90min & 2 x 60min sessions: a total cost of $395 for the full program.

Included is a custom hypnosis mp3 to reinforce the positive changes in between sessions.

Skye is a very perceptive and effective therapist. He helped me function much more effectively with artistic endeavours by facilitating some excellent insights and somehow removing psychological blockages to creativity. I really recommend him highly.

Paul W