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Northern Beaches Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Welcome to the Northern Beaches Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program

Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking but we know that it wasn’t an easy decision. Today, however, you’ve started your journey back to wellness. So you can say goodbye to being a smoker and hello to being a non-smoker with quit smoking hypnosis!

Why is it so difficult to quit smoking?

When you consider all the negative health consequences of smoking, it’s surprising that people continue to smoke. Did you know that a 2016 study found that it can take more than 30 attempts to finally stop smoking? This only reinforces the difficulty smokers face when wanting to quit.

One of these difficulties is because nicotine is one of the most heavily addictive substances in the world. That’s because the effects of smoking occur within a few seconds of taking your first inhalation. The nicotine races towards specific receptors in your brain and releases dopamine that makes you feel good.

However, as you continue to smoke and your dependency on nicotine continues, instead of smoking to feel the pleasurable release of dopamine, you start smoking to relieve the withdrawal symptoms you feel as your nicotine levels drop.

So you do it again and again. It’s the speed of your body’s response to nicotine that helps to develop your addiction, which is both rapid and long-lasting. Just seeing a pack of cigarettes or smelling cigarette smoke can make you want to light up. Essentially, your body develops an automatic response to specific cues that trigger a specific response – lighting up.

You’ve become conditioned to smoke when certain triggers are in place and we need to remove this automatic conditioning and get you back in control.

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Does Quit Smoking Hypnosis work?

Quit Smoking Hypnosis does work. After all, there must be a simpler, easier and more successful way to quit smoking than going cold turkey or playing with nicotine patches and gums (which usually prolong your problem rather than solve it). For some people, however, these methods are successful but it’s hard work and they relapse frequently.

There’s been lots of research into Quit Smoking Hypnosis. For example, a 2004 study at the Texas A&M University Health Center found that 81% of smokers who had previously failed to quit using other methods, successfully stopped smoking using hypnotherapy. There’s also a 2007 study at North Shore Medical Center in Salem, Massachusetts which found that smokers were more successful when using hypnotherapy when compared to cold turkey or using patches with or without hypnotherapy.

So given that hypnosis can help you stop smoking – how does it work?

How does Quit Smoking Hypnosis work?

At the Northern Beaches Hypnosis Clinic, we know that quitting can be both enjoyable and easy! That’s because habits and addictions are formed and unformed at the subconscious level and hypnosis communicates with your subconscious. It’s this communication that makes our Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program so successful.

Using hypnosis, we communicate with your subconscious mind in a safe and relaxing environment that enables the desired changes to take place, easily and naturally. We help to remove your urge and craving to smoke and put you back in the driver’s seat.

Of course, we don’t brainwash you to do something you don’t want to do. That’s why you must be committed to quitting. Our Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program simply reinforces your desire to stop smoking and weakens your desire to smoke.

Let’s help you quit!

Our successful Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program consists of two x 1-hour sessions along with a free 1-hour follow-up session if required.

Hypnosis is effective at helping you quit because we create new healthier associations that bypass the old triggers. Thinking of yourself as a non-smoker is also part of your journey because you need to imprint a new identity on your subconscious mind. Your old identity was as a smoker, so thinking of yourself as a non-smoker helps you stop smoking.

At this point, it’s good to know that nicotine leaves your system after three or four days of not smoking. So your body is free from nicotine but you’re still left with all those triggers that urge you to smoke (talking on the phone, drinking alcohol, smelling cigarette smoke, and so on). Our Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program helps decondition you to these triggers, so if you see a pack of cigarettes or go to the pub with friends, you no longer have the urge to smoke.

If you’re committed to quitting but haven’t found a way that works yet, why not try our Quit Smoking Hypnosis Program? We know it works! So call Skye on 0402 006 985 today and let’s get started on your journey to wellness!

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Program

2 x 90min sessions: the total cost is $390

Included is a custom hypnosis quit smoking mp3 to reinforce the positive changes in between sessions.

Thank you, Skye, for your professional help! The Hypnotherapy worked very well for me. I walked in as a smoker and walked out – one hour later – without the urge to smoke ever again. It’s been half a year now without the habit, and it feels great!

Georg P

I came to Quit Smoking with Skye after my sister had success and now we are both free of the smoking habit.
Thank you so much, Skye!

Bill K – Manly

“I just wanted to say thank you again!!…for turning me (back) into my purer form – a non-smoker! I have not needed to have a cigarette, for any reason, since I saw you.”

Nicole H – Manly

No need for another session as I have no desire to smoke again.Thanks for your help.

Brent – Northern Beaches

Happy couple giving up smoking

Get started with quitting smoking

Thousands of people have benefited from these hypnotherapy techniques, and Skye’s in-depth training enables him to apply them to the highest standards to free you from smoking so you can enjoy:

Clean, fresh smelling clothes

Longer life expectancy

More money to spend on things that you can truly enjoy

More energy and increased fitness

Stronger immune system — fewer colds, etc

Increased confidence and self-esteem

Improved complexion

Reduction in stress

Restored sense of taste and smell

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Program

1 x 90min & 1x 60min sessions: the total cost is $400

Included is a back up session if required. It expires 12mths after the program was completed.

A FREE back up 3rd session- valid for 12mths .

Included is a custom hypnosis control drinking mp3 to reinforce the positive changes in between sessions.