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Thank you, Skye, for your professional help! The Hypnotherapy worked very well for me. I walked in as a smoker and walked out – one hour later – without the urge to smoke ever again. It’s been half a year now without the habit, and it feels great!

Georg P

Skye has helped me permanently change some unhealthy habits that will most likely add years on to my life! He is amazing and has allowed me to make changes that I was unable to do by myself. I think he can help with any sort of problem you may be facing. So, so worth it – give him a call you won’t regret it!

Emma L – Manly

I approached Skye and the Manly centre for help with some health and lifestyle changes I wanted to alter. What I found was not only a very effective Hypnotherapist – an excellent counsellor – who helped me unravel the many issues that were now manifesting into physical issues. I chose to do three more sessions as the results were so profound and life-changing. I will recommend him to anyone who needs assistance in any area of their lives. He comes with no judgement, just a lot of insight, skill and wisdom and a great sense of humour – a very gifted healer. Forever grateful.


I came to Quit Smoking with Skye after my sister had success and now we are both free of the smoking habit.
Thank you so much, Skye!

Bill K – Manly

I would recommend Skye. His gentle and soothing manner made me feel instantly comfortable, and I was able to relax completely. The hypnotherapy process was easy and the results immediate. The extra, supporting relaxation CD is also fantastic. I was surprised by how simple and effective the hypnotherapy was. Skye is a highly experienced hypnotherapy practitioner, and I am extremely grateful to have met him

Bron P

I am delighted with the results, and I’m amazed at how quickly the changes have taken place. I’d never undergone hypnotherapy before and was quite apprehensive about the whole experience. However, I found Skye to be extremely professional and have a very soothing manner throughout the consultations. The biggest breakthrough for me is that the changes I wanted to achieve occurred within a week and the whole process has been effortless. I have seen a lasting change and my overall health, well-being and relationships have improved as a result.

Dexter C

“I just wanted to say thank you again!!…for turning me (back) into my purer form – a non-smoker! I have not needed to have a cigarette, for any reason, since I saw you.”

Nicole H – Manly

Hypnotherapy has given me a new joy of eating healthy foods and freed me from being worried about weight gain and the guilt attached to eating the wrong foods.

Jo, Sydney

I find hypnotherapy extremely relaxing and calming and would recommend it to anybody who is struggling with insomnia.

Jo, Manly, Sydney

Hi Skye, Just wanted to let you know I have had a few sessions surfing in bigger waves and it has been great, thanks alot!

Dan, Manly

My son suffered major anxiety getting to sleep, after one session with Skye he successfully put himself to sleep without tantrums and very exhausted parents.

Adam & Riley – Northern Beaches, Sydney

I noticed subtle shifts in my thinking as well as an increased awareness of my beliefs and tendencies. I felt relaxed, more content, more confident and more focused. I continued to do Life Coaching were each session with Skye was like unravelling knots, a web of knots even with each one having a effect on all the others. Through an amazing mix of professional skills, genuine care and enthusiasm, Skye helped me get clear on key areas of my life, set goals and believe in myself. I feel incredibly grateful to Skye for whats been an amazing journey of self development, a wonderful connection and an inspiring and motivating experience.


By asking all the right questions Skye guided me towards some pretty profound realisations around my relationship with my body and it’s optimum health. With humour and honesty over three sessions he helped me navigate through some tricky admissions. We then finished with a recorded hypnosis which I replay often. Skye is a great guy with great insight.

Miranda B – Northern Beaches

No need for another session as I have no desire to smoke again.Thanks for your help.

Brent – Northern Beaches

After one session I did not think or want a cigarette; it was completely out of my mind as if I never smoked before. Thank you, Skye, I now lead a healthy happy life.

ASH – North Narrabeen

I was suffering from an increasing number of panic attacks stemming from health issues. Skye has helped me to deal with this anxiety tremendously. I went from daily panic attacks to one a week after my first session and even less frequent after my second session. I am very glad that I have found Skye and would highly recommend him.

Fiona O – Northern Beaches

I found Skye on the internet & booked an appointment- he has a very calming & intuitive nature which enabled him to get to the heart of the issues around my smoking. The actual hypnotherapy was very deep, and although I could recall the whole session, I was most definitely in a state of deep hypnosis. Coming out of the session I felt a sense of excitement & hope that I would be successful in kicking the habit. Over the next week after the session that feeling of hunger for cigarettes and that sense of loss was just not there. I would highly recommend Skye as a Hypnotherapist. Thanks, Skye

Katie C – Frenchs Forest

I saw Skye 4 years ago to quit smoking hypnosis. Still to this day I am smoke-free. Skye is kind and patient; he doesn’t take the one size fits all approach. I highly recommend Skye.

Jessica P – Dee Why

Thank you, Skye, for enabling me to explore my subconscious mind which in turn allowed me to make sense of my conscious mind bringing a sense of peace and understanding.

Kat – Northern Beaches

Skye was wonderful, I have used him three times for different areas of my life, and every time I am very satisfied with the level of care he has provided and in the outcome. There is definitely value in the service that he provides.

Jade – Northern Beaches

I found Skye to be very warm and welcoming and felt comfortable exploring some problems I was having at the time. He had some great insights into how I could approach conversations with my partner and helped me to get to the bottom of some fears and hang ups that I have held onto for a while. He was non-judgemental, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to gain control of their feelings or emotions or needing someone to bounce ideas off.

Kelly – Northern Beaches

I am a colorectal terminal cancer since 2015. Skye has helped me to remove my fears of my journey or death. He also helped me to make my thoughts positive. He helped me to talk to my body. Honestly, I am not dying with cancer I live with it and Skye has helped me a lot on that way for one year.

Hassia D – Manly

Skye is a wonderful person and a talented hypnotherapist. A real life changing experience! Thank you so much, Skye, for your insight and genuine desire to help others.

Kate – Manly

Skye is a very open, honest and knowledgeable person who takes the time to fully understand your situation and provide insightful analysis on current state and future possibilities. He created a safe space to explore various triggers and resolutions, then used this to create tailored sessions for me. I’ve noticed a real difference in my life since completing the sessions about a month ago, and am grateful I took the time to do this for myself. Would highly recommend; thanks, Skye!

Alex C

My hypnotherapy and timeline regression with Skye was incredibly insightful. We were able to identify specific memories from early childhood that are currently contributing to negative thought patterns I am fighting. The hypnosis experience was very relaxing, and I found it easy to slip into this state without any trouble. Skye’s gentle demeanour and depth of knowledge in this area made the whole process very enjoyable.

Ava L – Roseville

Quitting smoking was not only easy; it was a really lovely experience. Skye was fantastic, and I feel amazing. A truly empowering journey.

Heidi H, Avalon

I have never done anything like hypnosis before but can truthfully say it has changed my life. I not only have lost a considerable amount of weight but it has changed my whole outlook towards food and my choices.

Angela – Manly

I’m so glad to have finally broken the habit after 26 years and can’t believe how easy it has been. I also loved the hypnosis and reckon I’ve never been so relaxed ever.

Ceciel, Sydney

Fantastic! I am so grateful to have found such a trustworthy and experienced hypnotherapist as yourself. I am a non-smoker for the first time in 20 years.

A.H, Sydney

By undergoing hypnosis the door to my inner strength has been opened, and I am now in control of food rather than food being in control of me.

Annette, Sydney

Skye has helped me permanently change some unhealthy habits that will most likely add years on to my life! He is amazing and has allowed me to make changes that I was unable to do by myself. I think he can help with any sort of problem you may be facing. So, so worth it – give him a call you won’t regret it!

Emma L – Manly

I have found Skye’s business online and he is an exceptional therapist. He is extremely patient, and create a wonderful safe environment which makes it so easy to talk. He has tailored my sessions to suit you personally, and went above and beyond to help me. I have had hypnotherapy in the past but never felt what I did throughout my session with Skye and I could only recommend seeing him. He is an outstanding Hypnotherapist and I am grateful about his amazing support. THANK YOU SKYE.

Maike T

Skye is a wonderful Hypnotherapist! I have tried other therapies for anxiety and stress however they didn’t really get to the source of my anxiety. My mum and her friend recommended hypnotherapy with Skye and I’m so glad they did as within 3 sessions I was able to let go of some key stressors that have been weighing heavily on me. I felt trapped in my thinking however hypnotherapy with Skye as worked wonders for me in such a short time! I strongly recommend anyone suffering from stress, anxiety or fear to book a session with Skye!


I visited the clinic for help quitting smoking. I walked out after one session and never smoked again. I’d smoked for 18 years. That was 5 years ago now and I’m going back for assistance with my diet. I thoroughly recommend you see Skye for any problem within yourself, that you cannot solve by yourself.


Skye is a very perceptive and effective therapist. He helped me function much more effectively with artistic endeavours by facilitating some excellent insights and somehow removing psychological blockages to creativity. I really recommend him highly.

Paul W

I highly recommend Skye’s services. Skye made the process of quitting smoking a process of understanding myself. I have seen other hypnotists in the past and had results but I felt truly supported by Skye; throughout the experience and well beyond. I said I would wait until a month before my review but as he predicted, this time sailed by. I’m now on day 42 of not smoking and can’t see myself ever smoking again. I am truly grateful for his guidance to a new future.

Gemma N

Within 90 minutes, Skye had taken me from being a hopeless vaper who had completely surrendered to an addiction, to a strong, logical human being, capable of taking control of any area of his life.

Can’t recommend Skye strongly enough, particularly for quitting smoking/vaping. It has been life changing for me.

Thank you again mate, I’ll be forever grateful

David A

I went to see Skye to assist with a habit I needed to break. I found his methods went beyond the standard and I got to understand why this habit formed in the first place. I would highly recommend Skye to those wishing to achieve something they find difficult to do themselves.

Cathie W

Working with Skye has been an eye opening experience! His process is thorough, personal and tactful which allowed me delve deeper into past events while also taking a more energetic outlook to the future. I would highly recommend working with Skye for anyone ready to use the power of their subconscious to be more present and to uplift their performance in everyday life, work & play 🙂

Tony H

Skye makes incredible hypnotherapy recordings that he sends you after the session. These are personally made for you, and you can tell that he has a gift in doing them.
Skye knows his stuff. Thank you for helping me stop smoking .

Michele N

Skye is a gentle, insightful individual who made me feel instantly comfortable and helped me overcome my anxiety around driving.

Lucy C