Do you have relationship issues?

Relationship Issues HypnotherapyMany of us have problems in our relationships from time to time, whether these are romantic or platonic. That’s because we’re social creatures and tend to rely heavily on our relationships with friends, colleagues, relatives, lovers, partners, children and so on.

So when these relationships break down or result in conflict, we often struggle to understand why it’s happening. Not knowing the cause of these relationship issues can lead to a situation where you feel uncomfortable with the other person for some time. The result can be long-lasting disharmony in your relationship or you may find a workable resolution, even putting the conflict aside for the sake of the relationship.

If you experience similar disagreements in the future, however, you might wonder if there’s a common cause or underlying reason for these conflicts.

This is where hypnotherapy comes into the picture because it helps you understand the reasons why you experience relationships in a certain way. Once you have this understanding, professional hypnosis helps you develop new ways of ‘being’ in a relationship.

For example, hypnotherapy helps you understand why you experience conflict in one or more of your relationships. It also helps you recover from a damaging relationship or simply move on from a relationship that has ended recently.

How can hypnotherapy help to overcome relationship issues?

First of all, you need to realise that disagreements are quite commonplace in relationships. We don’t all agree with everyone in our circle at the same time. You might experience differing opinions with everyone in your life at some point or another, and that can be healthy. Challenging one another’s beliefs is expected, particularly when we start to see the problem from the other person’s perspective.

It’s when these disagreements become conflicts that deepen and turn into arguments, occurring more frequently, that something needs to change. These types of relationship issues can become extremely negative and lead to resentments that fester and grow. If caught in time, however, an open and frank conversation may resolve these constant arguments. That’s because there may be an underlying reason for the conflict that once identified, can quickly resolve the problem.

Sometimes, however, you need a little more help than a simple conversation to resolve these relationship issues. For example, if you’re repeating patterns that were learnt at a young age and are hidden away in your subconscious. Every time you’re presented with a similar situation, your subconscious responds with this early learnt response that too often exacerbates, rather than resolves the problem.

So, if you feel that you’re experiencing the same type of arguments or responses with different people, you might be expressing a learnt behaviour that’s hidden in your subconscious. Hypnotherapy can help you discover if a learnt behaviour is the problem and if so, develop a different way of thinking and responding in similar circumstances.

That’s because hypnosis helps you relax to a point where your subconscious mind is susceptible to outside suggestions. Your hypnotherapist provides your subconscious with alternate responses and behaviours that lead to better outcomes in similar situations. Hypnosis can also help you become more confident in yourself, communicate better with others, and know how to ask for what you need in a relationship.

5 Common relationship issues that respond to hypnotherapy

Many problems can harm your relationship, but there are five that are fairly common: stress, anger, addiction, jealousy and anxiety.

1.    Stress

We’re all faced with a myriad of different stresses every day whether it’s related to our finances, work, health or family. Whatever the cause or causes, the resulting stress can significantly damage your relationship to the point where it’s irrecoverable. Hypnotherapy helps you view stressful situations from a calmer perspective. It moves you past unpleasant feelings and helps you react more positively to stressful triggers.

2.    Anger

Anger is a destructive force that can quickly get out of hand and result in physical altercations and abuse. It can be displayed as a mild annoyance to full-blown rage. This extremely negative emotion often stems from past experiences and unspoken grievances that shape an individual’s behaviour for the rest of their life. Hypnotherapy is particularly effective in treating anger helping you to take back control and express yourself calmly and positively.

3.    Addictions

Alcohol and substance abuse can have a profoundly negative effect on your relationships. Whilst hypnotherapy isn’t a magic bullet for addictive behaviour it can successfully address some of the contributing factors, such as low self-esteem or emotional trauma. Hypnotherapy can also alleviate the severity of withdrawal symptoms and reinforce suggestions of revulsion, offering a different perspective on your addiction.

4.    Jealousy

Mild jealousy is a feeling that’s harmless and normal. It’s when it becomes obsessive, excessive or pathological that relationships become toxic and harmful. Jealousy and distrust go hand-in-hand and are one of the most common causes of separations between couples. The cause is often a fear of losing their partner fuelled by past rejections. Hypnotherapy helps to break obsessive thinking patterns, build self-esteem and treat any associated fears and beliefs.

5.    Anxiety

Excessive anxiety can affect your daily life, even your ability to communicate and connect with partners. Anxiety can show itself by overthinking conversations, pushing people away, and worrying that your partner might be lying or cheating. It can result in an overdependence on your partner and a constant need for support and reassurance. Hypnotherapy helps you view your relationships from a different perspective, resolve thoughts that create your anxieties and rebuild confidence and self-esteem.

How can hypnosis help to overcome toxic relationships?

A toxic relationship can start as a perfectly healthy relationship but over time can end up having a damaging effect on one or both partners. These changes can occur over months or years, but the signs are usually evident early in the relationship.

Toxic relationship issues can include extreme jealousy and controlling nature, lack of respect and boundaries, and isolation and manipulation. Hypnosis can help you increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as shoring up your boundaries. It can help you rediscover yourself, manage your emotions and give you the strength to move on and recover from a damaging and toxic relationship.

How can hypnotherapy help you move on after a relationship ends?

Break-ups can be painful experiences with sadness and grief lingering long after the relationship ends. Moving on from a relationship can be exceedingly difficult, but with time and support from family and friends, most of us recover and find happiness again.

Some people, however, become trapped in an overwhelming cycle of grief and loss that’s difficult to escape. It’s often caused by still seeing yourself as part of a couple, rather than a single, independent person. There’s an inability to accept that a relationship has ended and that you need to move on. In this case, hypnotherapy can help you accept the end of the relationship and see it in a more positive light. It can help you move on and manage your memories more positively.

How can hypnotherapy help you move on from your ex?

If you find that you’re comparing all new dating partners with your ex, it’s clear that you haven’t let go of the past. It’s normal to think about your ex now and again, but if you compare every date with your ex, you’ll have a hard time moving on.

This type of behaviour often manifests itself after you begin dating again, believing that you’ve moved on and are ready to find a new partner. Essentially, you’re stuck in the past but hypnotherapy gives you the confidence to manage your emotions and move forward, allowing you to change the way you think about your ex and finally get over them.

How can hypnotherapy help you find love?

Perhaps you’re new to dating or you’ve been dating for a long time and you’re still searching for a meaningful relationship. Perhaps you’ve just ended a toxic relationship and have lost confidence in yourself and trust in other people. You may even have ended a long-term relationship and are exploring your dating options.

Whatever your history, hypnotherapy can help you successfully navigate the dating scene and find love again. Hypnotherapy helps resolve long-held issues that can sabotage your dating efforts, for example, low self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief, fear of being hurt, rejected or getting close to someone and ‘letting them in’. All of these issues can prevent you from forming new romantic relationships.

Hypnotherapy helps rebuild your self-confidence and sense of self so that you become more resilient with greater inner strength and resolve. Self-doubts fade away to be replaced by new feelings of self-worth as you confidently move through the dating scene. You’ll find that your relationships begin to flow and develop naturally as past blockages, hesitations and fears are replaced with more positive feelings.

Hypnotherapy can help heal your relationships

All these relationship issues can be healed with hypnotherapy. Whether you feel trapped in a relationship, experience frequent disagreements with people in your life or are finding it difficult to move on from a breakup, hypnosis can make a positive difference in your life.

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