Clear creative blocks and free unleashed passion with hypnotherapy

Despite what many believe, creativity is not limited to artists. We are all born with enormous creative potential, but often it can be misguided, repressed or remain unrealised.

Through the use of hypnotherapy however, we learn to tap into the power of the subconscious mind where we can uncover the limiting beliefs that thwart creativity. Essentially hypnosis allows us to access our hidden creativity to generate creative ideas and the enthusiasm to make them happen.

For example hypnotherapy is highly effective in reducing or eliminating stage fright, writer’s block, perfectionism, fear of failing, negative self-talk, debilitating self-beliefs and distorted perceptions that can all get in the way of creative self-expression.

Whether it’s learning to cook, paint, play an instrument, write, sing, dance or simply remembering lines in drama classes, all creative endeavours and self-expression can be improved through the utilisation of hypnotherapy. This safe and natural technique allows us to free ourselves at the subconscious level of the mind, so we find ourselves more often than not ‘in the zone’ and transcending limitations to reach new heights of creative expression.

Being stuck in a creative rut can be disheartening at best and frightening at worst. When the creative juices stop flowing, anxiety and even panic can set in.
Many creative blocks actually come from childhood and early teens, and in those cases, hypnotherapy can help regress a person back and free up past blocks and negativity.
In the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, we have the opportunity of planting new seeds, reinstalling and upgrading resources, beliefs and perceptions that can all go on to positively and automatically influence creative expression.

An older female client came to me who was frustrated with forgetting her lines in drama class. What we uncovered was she had limiting beliefs that she was old and her memory must be deteriorating, when in fact it was her nerves and comparing herself with the other actors who seemed to be unflustered that was causing her memory to falter.
The combination of her limiting belief of being old and projecting onto other actors that they had it together all culminated in affecting what she expected of her memory.  So I encouraged her to focus instead on enjoying the process and to be open to the fact that on the surface other actors may seem to have it together, but really who knows what’s going on with them on any given day and that they don’t always remember their lines either. The positive shift in her perception triggered memories of times in her life where reciting lengthy poetry was quite easy, and this gave her fresh confidence in her mind. Her new outlook was that now she was getting out of her own way, the drama classes were going to be great for her memory – just like people that do crosswords to work the mind memory muscle. In hypnotherapy, we also had her mentally rehearse experiencing herself enjoying drama class even when she messed up her lines, something which to her delight actually started to happen a lot less often.

How does hypnosis work?
Hypnosis is a safe and comfortable trance-like state that’s characterised by deep relaxation, increased suggestibility, and heightened imagination. Hypnosis can be compared to being absorbed in a good book or movie.
During a hypnotherapy session you are in the theta brainwave state — the same state experienced during daydreaming, deep meditation, and light sleep. The benefits of going into a trance are not only the retraining of the mind with beneficial habits, but it’s also deeply relaxing and rejuvenating on many levels: a complete mental and physical reset like waking after a good sleep.

Discover today what hypnotherapy can do for you, whether it’s unleashing hidden talents or conquering fears to allow you to be the creative and passionate individual you were born to be.

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