When a relationship ends, sometimes a person can be left with low self esteem, self-doubt, negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and self-image. Being so entangled it can be difficult not to take on board a partner’s negative perspectives and attitudes. As well they may have miss read the partner and come to their own negative conclusions about themselves in certain situations.What must be remembered is that the person they were with is only one perspective and if they were with another person they could have had an entirely different view of them.Getting a balanced, healthy view of oneself is essential to getting into a good relationship. If a person takes a negative self-image into the next relationship, they can be unnecessarily overcompensating and sensitive in certain circumstances and can come across as unnatural and awkward. The new partner could unknowingly trigger an adverse reaction from the overly sensitive person that is still holding a negative self-image subconsciously from the past relationship which has nothing to do with the current situation.Another pitfall is looking for a new relationship that is a strong reaction to the last relationship. As an example, if the previous partner was overbearing and aggressive, they may react and subconsciously attract a new partner who is timid and gentle, when a better balance may be to consciously choose a partner that can be both gentle and assertive and respectful.It can be beneficial to start afresh putting aside the last relationship and getting clear on what a person consciously wants and values in a partner instead of what they don’t wish to attract and align the subconscious with the present conscious values.Sometimes if a person gets reoccurring feedback about themselves from partners, friends and family, it may confirm there is something to look at and could be good changing. Re-occurring relationship issues can come from as far back as childhood that stem from the primary relationships with Mother and father. Unhealthy impressions we have taken in from any past relationships can be changed by re imprinting in our subconscious mind updated healthy balanced, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs about oneself through using hypnotherapy. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are incredibly useful because all beliefs, behaviours, and self-image are held at the subconscious level of the mind.