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How Effective is Hypnotherapy with Weight Loss?

We know that to lose weight we need not eat unnecessarily and move the body daily.
Why is it not so easy for some? Often, it’s because there’s a lot of baggage in the subconscious that can weigh us down. Hypnotherapy is a tool that can help with the focus needed to achieve long-term weight-loss success. “There are a couple of things that need to happen to make positive changes: to want the benefits of that change, and want it enough that we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to make the change,” ” Also to believe that change is possible and that it often involves overcoming the obstacles set up in our minds.”

Change your thinking
It is common in my clinic to hear clients say they are a ‘yo-yo dieter’, or ‘Diets don’t work’. Hypnosis can take away the mental blocks they’ve made for themselves.” Our negative emotions mean we often eat for the wrong reasons. “People will eat when they’re sad, lonely, bored or angry – and then they’ll feel guilty and beat themselves up afterwards, creating a vicious circle.” This is what has to change, “No amount of emotional eating will truly change anything.
Breaking the cycle and replacing negative thoughts with balanced, healthy ones can be achieved with the help of hypnosis and the subconscious mind. “With hypnosis, you’re bypassing the analytical and reasonable part of the mind and going straight to your subconscious, where all your memories and past impressions of eating are, and feeding it with balanced, healthy suggestions,”. “Hypnosis can help by changing people’s mindsets.” Keeping trim should be a long-term goal, not a short-term obsession.
While many people succeed in losing weight in the short term, they often have trouble maintaining it due to it being unsustainable, and that’s where hypnotherapy can lead to success. A study published in the Journal Of Consulting And Clinical Psychology in 1995 looked at six studies relating to obesity and weight loss and concluded that “the addition of hypnosis substantially enhanced treatment outcome”. The patients who underwent hypnosis continued to lose weight, even after the treatment had ended
The power to choose
We need to change the way we think about weight loss. “It’s not about losing weight but about a healthy balanced relationship with food and our bodies and physical movement” We spend so much time concentrating on our food and exercise program, but maybe we need to think about training our minds as well. “Probably the most powerful message hypnosis can get across is that you always have the power to choose. You can have that piece of chocolate cake, but you don’t have to have it. Hypnosis can help create a relationship with yourself that’s more genuine,”

Recondition your mind with these positive think slim success verses

I am tomorrow what I eat today, before each meal that’s what I say.
The more water I drink, the more inclined I will feel to only eat a nourishing, healthy, balanced meal.
Between main meals I drink water or tea, between each meal I stay snack-free.
Excess fat I burn with every step I take.
Whether it’s a walk, a swim or a sport I play, I aim to be active twice every day.
I include exercise in my daily routine even by parking my car a little further away and walking to my destination.
It is the balanced habits done daily that keep me energised and light.