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How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Exam Pressure

Year 12 is a highly stressful time for many students.
In fact, a survey of Year 12 students from a range of schools in Sydney showed how mentally & physically unhealthy life is for the students.
Of the 722 students surveyed, 42% registered high-level anxiety symptoms, high enough to be deemed a clinical concern.
Of the total studied group, 16% of students reported extremely severe levels of anxiety, while 37% registered above-average levels of stress. Stress, anxiety, and pressure levels were highest amongst girls, and higher still for gifted girls. These findings were consistent across a range of cultural groups.
In general, 54% of students felt that too much was expected of them.
The main causes of pressure identified were workload (50%), expectations to perform (26%) and importance of exams (22%). Although average pressure levels between groups were similar, the pressure was a stronger statistical predictor of stress and anxiety in gifted students.
Students identified themselves as the greatest source of pressure (44%), with family (35%) and the school or teachers (21%) as the other primary sources. More gifted students (47%) than their average-ability peers (24%) identified their internal pressure as the strongest source.
It is the impact of pressure, that is most concerning, as 44% described being regularly irritable, agitated or nervous. A further 19% cited physical symptoms of nausea or fatigue.
When the pressure was high, 41% of students attempted more hours of study, and 35% reported working harder. Not all students coped well – 32% reported an increase in procrastination and 14% became more competitive with their friends, with higher levels of both for gifted students.
As is expected, students became more result-focused, prioritising the outcome of tests over the process of learning, or feared failure.
Hypnotherapy is a highly effective tool for anxiety & stress management especially when relaxation techniques are included in the hypnosis session. The relaxation techniques can be used almost anywhere at any time to help the student to remain calm and focused.
Hypnotherapy can also assist in retaining and recalling information which is conducive to better exam results.
Anyone who wants to be hypnotised can; it is a natural state of being similar to daydreaming and being half asleep after just getting up out of bed.
In the state of hypnosis, positive suggestions are given to have the student stress free, calmer and more focused.