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Weight loss or Healthy balance Hypnotherapy

The way we communicate to ourselves (internal dialogue) can make the difference in how we feel act and behave.
For instance, if I am thinking to myself, ” I am now on a diet and am losing weight.”
Compared to, ” I am focused on balance healthy eating and becoming lighter.”
The words, losing weight and diet, can bring feelings of stress due to the restrictions and challenges that can come with losing weight.
If the individual has struggled with weight loss in the past, the associations from the past can put the person in a weak state before they even begin. Feelings of self-doubt can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
As where if I am focusing on balanced eating and being lighter it feels more achievable and enjoyable. There are no connotations of restriction or heaviness.
So watching not so much our calories but more our internal dialogue can make the difference in how we feel and how we feel can make the difference in what choices we make.

Hypnotherapy is a relaxed way to utilize hypnosis to reimprint new thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that become not a conscious struggle but a subconscious habit.