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Why Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Works


In 1992, the highly regarded New Scientist magazine reported that hypnosis is the most effective way of quitting smoking.
The same article concluded that willpower counts for very little.
Think of the mind as comprising of two parts: your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. The Subconscious mind is used to analyse and consider. It’s also the part of the mind we associate with ‘willpower.’ The unconscious mind, on the other hand, drives emotions and habits and is very powerful.
Problems arise when we consciously want one thing (e.g. to quit smoking), but the unconscious mind has been programmed to want another. When such a conflict occurs, it’s nearly always your subconscious mind that wins. So-called willpower may work for a while, but the deeply ingrained habit of smoking usually wins due to the power of the subconscious mind and triggers. This is a reason why most smokers find it so difficult to remain non-smokers.
The reason hypnosis is so effective in quitting smoking is that it bypasses the conscious mind and allows skillfully crafted suggestions to enter and become embedded in the subconscious mind using hypnotherapy. These positive suggestions remain impressed on the subconscious mind making it easier to be and remain a non-smoker.
Some hypnotherapists use the same old script for all their clients. The pitfall with this approach is that it fails to address the highly personal reasons why an individual smokes.
The reasons why a person smokes can vary from person to person. People use smoking as an excuse to take time out and have a break, to relax, to feel more comfortable in social settings, to relax and fill in time etc.
A proficient hypnotherapist would Identify and understand the reasons why a client smokes, when they smoke, and, just as importantly, those times when they don’t feel a need to smoke.
To effectively change a habit long term is to see oneself as a non-smoker, not an ex-smoker.
With hypnotherapy and a skilled hypnotherapist, all urges and desires for smoking can disappear for good.