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Hypnotherapy for Children & Teenages

I derive great satisfaction in helping kids/ teenagers overcome habitual & behavioural problems with hypnotherapy especially knowing how difficult it can be for them at that early stage of life as they try and deal with lots of change.
I have had excellent results due to my expertise and the fact that younger people are less set in their ways than most adults and are very open and suggestible and respond well to hypnotherapy.
When using hypnotherapy for children, it is easy to explain to the child that they will have a relaxed and quiet time in which they use their imaginations to help change for the better.
It is essential that the child would like to change the problem behaviour or issue.
It is compulsory to have a parent or guardian in session with the child/teenager unless the teenager and parent agree that they don’t need to sit in on the session.
When using hypnotherapy for children, we often find that participation of the parent in this therapeutic process is important. A parent’s anxiety about a particular behaviour can often make change more difficult for the child. Parents can have the best of intentions for their child but lack ways to effectively interact and support their child to make the necessary changes. A complimentary phone talk is offered outside the session to help coach the parent in simple and effective ways to be able to most effectively support their child to change for the better.
Hypnotherapy is a key way to assist in any problems that may arise because, in most children, the imagination of a child is very vivid and strong.
By using the active imagination of the child during hypnotherapy, it is relatively easy to reach the subconscious levels of the mind Children respond incredibly well to stories, visualisations, imaginative games and other simple tools.
The state of hypnotherapy can be compared to being absorbed in a good book or movie. Awareness of what is going on is still available and yet a sense of being deeply relaxed and in a daydream can be experienced. This state is utilized to bypass the conscious mind and retrain the subconscious mind in a more positive and beneficial way.
As examples, I have successfully helped with self-esteem issues, self-image issues, shyness, bed wetting, nail biting, thumb sucking, concentration, exam stress, fear of Santa Claus, and other characters, nightmares, sleeping alone, eating vegetables, sports performance, the list goes on.
Getting to and changing these habits early is essential as it can become more difficult in later life.