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Surviving The Silly Season With Self Hypnosis

It’s the season to eat, drink and be heavy!

Most people use Christmas time as an excuse to over-indulge – after all, the rationalisation is that they deserve it. The deal usually made is that they will change their wicked ways come January 1st. But by then they have dug themselves into a deep hole. The consequences of repeated unhealthy choices are when they become habits – taking on a life of their own.

Decide now to reset your limits in your subconscious, by getting into habits that are manageable, enjoyable and long lasting – so you may enjoy food and alcohol without the unnecessary repercussions.

Stay light by repeating these simple steps

Start by taking two slightly deeper breaths….

Imagine seeing yourself enjoying sipping away on alcohol and finishing on your first, second or third glass, feeling relaxed and in control, thinking to yourself “what non alcoholic drinks can I have now to hydrate my body and mind?” Leaving the social gathering feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Imagine seeing yourself taking the time to enjoy each mouthful of food, chewing slowly. Feeling relaxed and enjoying the prolonged taste in your mouth, followed by the food going down easily and settling comfortably in the stomach (the mixture of the saliva breaking down the food, preparing it to be more easily digested).

Imagine seeing yourself stopping eating the moment you feel comfortably full, pushing any leftovers away from you, thinking to yourself “I will rest my digestion for 10 min before considering eating any more.” Leaving each meal feeling light and satisfied and comfortable in the stomach.

Imagine you go over your quota and simply thinking to yourself I can never fail because forming habits becomes easier through repetition – so the more I repeat it, the easier it will become.

The best Christmas present that you can give yourself

Practice these at least once a day in the lead up to the silly season.

The above imagination exercise will re imprint and impress on your subconscious the healthier conscious choices you are making for yourself.

Through repetition and with the power of your sub conscious mind you will become sub consciously competent, in other words, automatic – like driving a car without needing to think about the actions needed to operate the car like braking etc.

Tapping into the power of the subconscious mind with these practices will help you rewire your mind to naturally embrace enough to avoid overindulging and the repercussions that follow. Consciously crafting these unconscious habits will help you eat, drink, and be merry, long after the party is over.