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Weight loss is mostly in the head


It is the heavy weight carried on the shoulders of all who obsessively focus on losing weight that needs to change.

“ But if I don’t focus on weight loss I will put on weight!”

The pitfall is to treat life like a sprint to being thin, rather than a well paced marathon to remaining happy and healthy.

“When the focus moves to creating a balanced lifestyle that gives a good level of health and well-being over the long-term, the person gives their body and mind a real chance to come into balance.”

The underlying intention is to look and feel good, but it never arrives when a person is in an unhealthy relationship with food their bodies and ultimately themselves.

The heavy feelings of impatience with their body not losing weight fast enough, counting calories, negative thoughts and poor self image, thinking about food all the time and the constant pressure to stick to the diet create a stressed manic state. This manic state then drives an unhealthy cycle commonly known as yo yo dieting.

To relieve themselves of the restrictive conditions of their unrealistic, unmaintainable diet, people make back room deals with themselves; in other words they use any excuse to go off the rails as a rebellious reaction to the diet, usually choosing to eat the foods they have sworn they would not eat, in a desperate attempt to feel good and as a distraction from the relentless struggle to stay on the diet plan. The pleasure of eating naughty foods is always fleeting and short lived, leaving them in a pool of guilt and regret. The fear of putting on even more weight has them come back to the diet with a vengeance, swearing to be really good this time…..and up and down it goes, all the while imbedding unhealthy thought patterns and strengthening unhealthy habits and behaviors.

Hypnosis is most effective in making the transition to a healthier relationship with self, body, food and exercise due to the fact that the grooves created in the subconscious mind by the repetition of unhealthy thoughts and behaviors are at the same level in which hypnosis is most effective, thus being able to use the power of hypnosis to impress on the subconscious mind the healthier attitudes and behaviors, which in turn makes the transition easier and creates lasting change.