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Why have a Life Coach?

So what are the benefits of having a life coach?

Life Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that can help you to get a balance and excel in different areas of your life, personal, career and businesses. Life Coaching is not counselling or therapy; it is goal and future orientated and is about skillfully overcoming obstacles that are in the way of achieving balance and success. As your coach, I will show you techniques and simple, powerful strategies for helping you to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
There are many benefits to be had from engaging in life coaching:

Knowing what you want in life can be half the battle won. As part of your pre-coaching work, I will help you to get clear about your top values and goals, what you would like to achieve from coaching (if you don’t know already).
On an on-going basis, coaching will help you to stay clear and on track.

As a coach, I will keep you accountable for doing all that needs to be done to get the outcomes you are wanting. Together we will create goals between each coaching session for you that will be realistic and achievable and most importantly, inspiring to you. The goals will be your goals and owned by you. If for some reason you are not able to achieve a goal I will assist you in moving through any blocks. The simple act of telling the coach what you are committed to doing and being skillfully supported can make a huge difference in the desire to achieve it.

Unbiased Input
Friends and family can be a helpful source of support, but sometimes professional, unbiased input can make a big difference to your perspective and help you to see things about yourself and your life situation differently.

The Opportunity To Focus On You
Life coaching is an opportunity to focus solely on you and your dreams and aspirations. In day to day life, being busy with family, friends, work often means that you and your more significant wants can remain unattended. Life coaching gives you the space to explore, consider who you are, what is important to you and where you are you going in life.

Personal Development
Life coaching is challenging, though also rewarding and fun. You will be looking at yourself honestly and challenging yourself to push yourself beyond your comfort zones. Life coaching will help you to significantly grow and assist you in taking the various areas of your life to the next level.